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There are two types of immune activation: active stimulation and passive (the immunity of the person or animal that comes into the body)

Active Immunization: The vaccines used in Thailand may be divided into 3 groups.

Group 1, toxoid, to prevent the disease as a result of toxicity or toxins of bacteria. Not caused by direct bacteria such as diphtheria or tetanus. Done by the poison of the bacteria go. But the ability to stimulate the bodys immune system is also available, such as vaccines against diphtheria. Tetanus Vaccines In general, when these are injected, there is no fever or local reaction. Injection has been several times. The body is immune to high. In this case, the injection site may cause swelling, redness, pain, and fever.

Group 2 Inactivated or killed vaccine is divided into 2 subgroups:

They are made from bacteria or whole cell virus. The bacteria are usually caused by injection site reactions. Sometimes there may be the fever. Symptoms usually develop 3-4 hours in the skin and will be around 1 day, sometimes with a reaction for up to 3 days. Examples of vaccines in this group include vaccines against a whooping cough. Rabies vaccines Hepatitis A vaccine Vaccines against encephalitis These vaccines are usually kept in the refrigerator. Do not store in the freezer. The antigens will deteriorate.

Use only the part of the antiserum or virus involved in the development of the immune system, then make a vaccine (subunit vaccine), such as vaccines against hepatitis B. Vaccination against influenza Haemophilus influenza type b vaccine Vaccine to prevent acellular pertussis vaccine Vaccination against influenza vaccination (Vi vaccine)

Group 3 live attenuated vaccines are live vaccines. But to weaken it. Most are vaccines for viruses. Vaccines for the most commonly used bacteria include the anti-tuberculosis vaccine (BCG), the vaccination against typhoid fever. Vaccines for viruses used in Thailand are vaccines against polio. The combined vaccine against measles and rubella vaccine. Vaccines prevent brilliant disease. As soon as you get into the body, it will take several days to start reacting. For example, measles vaccine. There is a fever around the 5th to 12th day after vaccination in this group will be kept very special because if the infection vaccination will not work. In addition, if the body is immune, such as receiving immunoglobulins. The same as the so-called. Gamma Globulin The vaccine may be prevented in this group. If given in patients with lower immunity. Or those who have been given a drug or immunosuppressant may be dangerous.